align. facilitate. amplify.

Just as the Westside Collaborative aims to serve a specific geography (the Westside of Grand Rapids) in its systemic approach toward efficiencies and sustainable outcomes, KConnect serves Kent County in similar ways.

Focusing on prenatal through career, KConnect is leading the network of public, private, and independent organizations as they interact and work together with intentionality. 

It is an honor to serve as the first "lead geographic partner" with KConnect. 

The Westside Collaborative rallies its collective efforts in and around the Westside of Grand Rapids. Impacts are measured in West Grand Rapids. Neighbors, friends, businesses, and agencies impacting the Westside are engaged meaningfully. All of the findings, revelations, and measured change that the Westside Collaborative uncovers is contributed to KConnect who then passes the data, strategies, indicators, optics, and metrics to their convened workgroups. 

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