Video Shoot details - Friday, June 28 - Sidecar Studios

Several Westside Collaborative organizations are partnering together to feature faces and stories of neighbors who identify as "westsiders." 30 individuals will be filmed in 10-minute sessions to answer a set of formal questions. These questions are going to be answered by a diverse group of our community in hopes of being representative of the Westside of Grand Rapids. 

The hope is that those who identify as Westsiders, whether they live, work, play, worship, or serve on the Westside, would participate. We need Westsiders who have cherished that label since birth, those new to the moniker, and all those in between. 

Please consider the following questions, and if comfortable, sign up for a time using the link provided below. All participants will receive a free I AM WESTSIDE T-shirt, button, and bumpersticker/decal. Additionally, all who film on June 28th and their families will be invited to a private viewing* of the video project's Grand Opening at the Grand Rapids Public Museum where the edited project will live as a video exhibit in association with the "Changing America" exhibit coming to Grand Rapids this summer. 

*While all those recording videos will be used in future I AM WESTSIDE marketing and media, there are no guarantees that each and every participant will be in the GRPM video in association with the museum exhibit. 


Each participant will sign an agreement that their video can be used by the Westside Collaborative, the I AM WESTSIDE steering committee, SideCar Studios, and the Grand Rapids Public Museum. 

Each "westsider," regardless of HOW/WHY they identify with that term will be filmed in one of the three I AM WESTSIDE t-shirts (provided if needed) and will respond conversationally to the following questions:

  1. Who are you, and why do you consider yourself a "westsider?"
  2. As you think about the Westside, what changes have you observed or experienced there?
  3. Are there places, people, agencies, or groups that you think are getting it right when you think about what it means to be Westside? Or, are there places that you feel the Westside mentality, lifestyle, or attitudes and beliefs are being missed/abandoned?
  4. How do you actively engage the Westside? 
  5. What parts of the Westside do you identify with. Where or what gives you a sense of belonging on the Westside?
  6. As you reflect on these few questions, are there words that come to mind if you were asked to describe the Westside? What are they?


The I AM WESTSIDE movement was birthed out of the idea that the WESTSIDE is more than just a place. It is not defined by geography but by the people who ARE THE WESTSIDE. 

Regardless of  any of the details people try to divide community with, language, race, gender, age, etc., the I AM WESTSIDE movement allows YOU to own YOUR story and for YOU to decide what  "being westside" means to you personally. 

Learn more at the I AM WESTSIDE website.