501c3 agencies making intentional impact in the lives of West Grand Rapids residents are invited to join the full membership body three times annually.  Members can send 2 individuals of their choosing from their agency, buy university coursework, board, or volunteer leadership. Meetings are in October, February, and May.


Nonprofit member agencies invite paid individual, family, corporate, and business partners to an annual meeting. This meeting updates all vested partners with progress in each workgroup, opportunities presenting themselves in real time, results from community listening sessions, and means of getting involved in the efforts taking place through Collaborative groups, teams, and initiatives. 


Workgroups are diversely assembled stakeholders including local residents, nonprofit leaders, and connected business & government employees needed to address the issue at hand. Each workgroup has a  volunteer team leader from a membership organization. Areas of focus are decided on by membership after themes and common issues are revealed through community listening. These teams meet monthly to ensure the workgroup stays action-oriented.


As determined by nonprofit membership, the Core Team is a representative delegation of member agencies from diverse organizations. Core Team members meet monthly with the Executive Director of the Westside Collaborative staff and monitor workgroup progress, hold the Collaborative staff accountable to the alliance's values and desires, and collectively make decisions on behalf of all member agencies.

board of directors

A diverse board of directors meets quarterly and focuses on governance and operations. This group is responsible for the evaluation of the Westside Collaborative's Executive Director . Dedicated to providing positions of influence to  a diverse set of local neighbors, this board is assembled with aspirations of holding onto makeup of at least 20% female directors, at least 40% people off color, and intentionally looks for opportunities to represent  other minorities within  the westside community . The Westside Collaborative Board of Directors  keeps close watch to the religious, age, gender identity, and sexual orientation representation of its governing body. The executive board meets quarterly in January, May, July, and  November.

executive directors

The Westside Collaborative staff hosts all nonprofit member executive staff members at least one time each and every year. CEO, COO, Executive Director, and relevant leadership positions are invited to attend this forum. This annual meeting informs membership leaders on how the Westside Collaborative alliance is working to provide them value. Each session reserves space for attendees to speak into ideas and opportunities for the Westside Collaborative to expand its influence, service, and value. Executive Director Forums take place each June and additionally as needed.

Westside Neighbors

The Westside Collaborative is committed its local communities. Residents of the Westside residential communities are invited to an annual celebration over food and drinks. Community members are invited to weigh in on the issues identified throughout the year, on workgroup efforts and progress, on emerging concerns, and have an opportunity to bring feedback and ideas to the staff of the Westside Collaborative. This meeting also allows for surveys and activities that could influence future areas of focus while also going direct input to functioning workgroups. This annual meeting  takes place each August.