Westside Outside needs you!

The biggest cleanup in Grand Rapids is on the Westside and is asking for your help in keeping the HUGE annual event free to ALL community members. 

You can click HERE for our SPONSORSHIP form.

Your support allows all of our content to be bilingual during and leading up to the event. It assures all participants will get free admission to John Ball Zoo afterward. It feeds EVERY volunteer and participant. Your support provides entertainment for the event (featuring local band, Cabildo!). Your sponsorship helps us clean and celebrate all of our Westside neighborhoods!

We could not do this without you!

MORE THAN EVER , PEOPLE WANT TO #escapetheindoors

Given the recent pandemic, your sponsorship is providing a MUCH NEEDED outdoor gathering where people can come together and celebrate. After a long Michigan winter, Westside Outside is always a welcomed event to shake the winter blues and prepare our neighborhoods for the fun and frolic spring and summer bring. But this year especially, families and neighbors are TIRED of being stuck inside and will be "biting at the bit" to stretch their legs, beautify the neighborhoods,   and laugh together with neighbors and friends. Please consider a  sponsorship donation now.